Medical small C - type X - ray machine

The main technical parameters factory configuration code: 16 1、 Power requirements: voltage:AC220V±10% Power frequency:50HZ±1HZ Power supply resistance:1Ω battery capacity:≥3kVA 2、 Perspective condition : Ordinary persp……
Product Introduction

The main technical parameters factory configuration code: 16

1、Power requirements:


   Power frequency:50HZ±1HZ

   Power supply resistance:1Ω

   battery capacity:≥3kVA

2、Perspective condition

   Ordinary perspective:Tube voltage:40kV~90 kV(2kv)

                     Tube current:0.3~3.4mA(0.1mA)

   IBS perspective: Tube voltage:40kV ~ 90kV, automatic adjustment

                   Tube current:0.3~3.4mA,

0.3 ~ 3.4mA, manual adjustment

   Pulse perspective:Tube voltage:40kV~90 kV

                     Tube current:3.5mA

   Enhance perspective:Tube voltage:40kV~90 kV

                     Tube current:5mA

   Perspective focus 0.5 mm×0.5 mm

3、Photography conditions

  Tube voltage:  40 kV~90 kV          Current time product:5~160mAs(5mAs/档)

   Photography focus  2.0 mm×2.0mm

4、Mechanical part

5、C arm up and down range: 400mm

6、C arm before and after the horizontal movement range:200 mm

7、C arm around the horizontal axis rotation range:±180°

8、C arm sliding along the track range:  -20°~ 90°

9、C arm swing angle:±12.5°

10、The distance from the X-ray tube focus to the image enhancer's receiving surface:850mm

Medical small C type X ray machine.png

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